The History of the Motorcycle

The History of the Motorcycle

The History of the Motorcycle

The Coal Engine

Biking enthusiasts have Sylvester Howard Roper to thank for the invention of the motorcycle. The year was 1867 and the 2 cylinder steam engine motorcycle was manufactured. Powered by coal this is largely considered the first motorcycle. Roper is also responsible for the revolution of the steam engine having manufactured the original steam engine vehicle.

The Gas Engine

Gottlieb Daimler, a German national is the man behind the original gas engine motorcycle. The motorbike was developed in 1885 and was a simple wooden bike with a gas engine attached to the back. This was the moment the bicycle and the gas powered engine became one.

The Harley Davidson

Then there was William Harley and the Davidson brothers. ‘Nuff said.

Two words: Harley Davidson. In 1903, Harley, Arthur and Walter Davidson launched the legendary Harley Davidson Motor Company. Quality engine and proven speed, Harley Davidson bikes are what the best stories are made of…

From Hunter S Thompson to Sons of Anarchy, the Motorcycle has become an object of legend.


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